Ecrins National Park

The Ecrins National Park was created in 1973 and, at 270 000 hectares, is the largest of its kind in France. 92 000 hectares are under special protection.
It was originally founded in 1913 and named "de la Bérarde".
The park is composed of seven main areas: Valgaudemar, Champsaur, Embrunais, Vallouise, Briançonnais, Oisans and Valbonnais

Conservation and observation, scientific research and land planning all play a major role in the running of the park. Educational material is also provided.

Information: + 33(0)4 / 76 30 20 61
Taken from: Parc National des Ecrins - "Promenades" - Valbonnais Edition 93
The valley's natural beauty is supported by the fact that it has not been invaded by industry. The only small business is the mountain spring water company "Valecrin".
Our lodgings are situated in Chantelouve - the last village before the mountain pass "Col d'Ornon" - in the "Malsanne" valley.